£120m development to be reviewed again

Plans are being consulted once again for a £120m development in Birmingham, following a deferral from the city council’s planning committee.

The proposal by BPG would see a 2.5-acre brownfield site regenerated into 456 one and two-bedroom apartments across seven to 12 storeys alongside 5,500 sq ft of commercial floor space, a private courtyard and a 7,000 sq ft garden terrace.

Twenty-six parking spaces will be constructed within the basement alongside 160 cycle parking spaces with an additional 250 on the ground floor.

It is estimated that the development on Gooch Street North would house 775 people.

Previously the application was deferred due to further discussions about noise that would occur from The Fox Pub and The Nightingale. The council said that not opening windows is not a satisfactory resolution of the noise issues and that the venues needed to be safeguarded and therefore the issue needed to be explored further.

The applicants have now decided to seal 49 units facing the pub. Thirty-five units would be fully sealed and 14 corner units would be partially sealed if they had windows facing away from the Fox.

No development will occur until the noise mitigation is confirmed following a section 106 agreement.

The proposal will be reviewed at a planning meeting on the 3rd of February.

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