Property firm boosts efficiency with tech investment

Katherine Nolan

Birmingham property firm, Centrick has made an investment into new technology to enhance the quality, efficiency, and scope of its reporting services for clients.

The company has implemented a new software system, Valos which streamlines processes like data gathering, allowing Centrick’s valuation team to provide more comprehensive reports based on the latest information.

Valos was created by former valuers Rob Davis and Alex Kountourides, along with Jan Dexter, to automate time-consuming tasks in the valuation process, making it more efficient.

Katherine Nolan, director and head of valuation at Centrick, said: “Our investment in this fantastic new technology will be a game changer for both our valuations team and our clients. Typically, valuers may have to access data sources from 10 to 12 platforms and repositories to obtain key and detailed information about a property, including flood risk assessment, mining history, EPC and so on, as part of the required due diligence, Valos the same process is much, much faster while also reducing any risk of manual error.

“Meanwhile, Centrick valuation clients from lending panels, mortgage providers, portfolio managers and private individuals alike will benefit from new, very comprehensive reports that encompass all the important information required for lenders. We’re exceptionally proud of our turnaround times and work tirelessly to maintain best-in-class SLAs. Currently, most of our instructions are based on a five-day turnaround and using Valos will improve our ability to meet and exceed those deadlines.”

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