Vietnamese Street Kitchen owners to add new spot to the Arcadian

The owners of Vietnamese Street Kitchen are opening a new seafood boil restaurant called Seafood City in the Arcadian.

Seafood City is inspired by the traditional ‘seafood boil’ from Louisiana, USA, where the taste of the sea is captured using a special cooking method.

It’s been embraced by the Vietnamese community in London and is now gaining popularity in the Midlands and is expected to be a hit on foodie TikTok

General Manager, Oliver Ngo, said: “It’s all about diving right in, putting your bib aprons on and getting your hands messy so that you can enjoy seafood in an unpretentious way. The idea is to bring friends, families and seafood lovers together to enjoy the riches of the sea in the simplest way possible.

“The seafood boil is a wonderful way to enhance individual flavours and textures. Our concept is simple, you can boil your choice of seafood, pairing it with our signature sauce, garlic butter or our XXL sauce for those who like it hot.”

Drawing inspiration from Asian cities, the designers introduced the concept of ‘retro-futurism’, blending elements of K-Pop and Tokyo aesthetics.

Occupying a 1700 sq ft space, formerly home to Rozu, the venue accommodates 99 guests indoors, with a focal point being the cocktail bar.

Outdoor seating provides a perfect setting for leisurely days spent enjoying cocktails in the sun. This independently owned establishment will generate 22 new jobs, both full-time and part-time.

Vietnamese Street Kitchen, known for its venues in Bullring and Resorts World, is eagerly anticipating the launch, slated for early June.