Markham Vale development to continue with four-year partnership

The contractor developing the Markham Vale enterprise zone in North Derbyshire has renewed its contract with Derbyshire County Council, guaranteeing its services for the next four years.

Sheffield-based Henry Boot Construction have been working with Derbyshire County Council since 2003, on developing the former Seymour Colliery site – now known as the Markham Vale Enterprise Zone. Since its opening, Markham Vale has attracted 40 businesses which to date have brought 900 jobs to the area. When complete, the entire Markham Vale site is set to increase this figure to approximately 4,100.

Markham Vale is overseen by both the Sheffield City Region and D2N2 LEPs.

D2N2 is part-funding a piece of infrastructure which will effectively give Markham Vale its own motorway junction. The Seymour Link Road will connect Markham Vale to the M1 and ‘unlock’ extra space for businesses to move into the area. It will help create approximately 2,500 new jobs and is set to be completed later this month (November 2016).

The latest businesses to join Markham Vale include Great Bear Distribution and Ferdinand Bilstein UK which are both set to create up to 400 new jobs over the next few years. Other businesses which currently operate from Markham Vale include Meter Provida, inspirepac, Gould Alloys, AW Repair Group, MSE Hiller, Squadron Medical, Industrial Ancillaries, Andrew Page, Holdsworth Foods and Ready Egg Products.

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