Webinar playback: Preparing for the office of the future

Over 420 people joined our panel for the debate

The office of the future will be designed and built for people – that was the message from our latest webinar.

Over 420 people signed up for the webinar, entitled Preparing for the Office of the Future, on Thursday 13 May, to hear from a panel including Rob Day of Blueprint, Nicki Robson of Breedon Consulting, Julia Thomas of Finch Consulting and Thomas Bateson of Gleeds discuss offer practical advice to prepare your office and employees for their return to work.

Rob Day said: “Corporate headquarters that are containers for employers have long been out of date. The freedoms brought on by the tecnology that we’ve learned about over the last eight weeks will be something people will demand.”

Thomas Bateman added: “We’ll be looking at a thinned-down market, less properties per sector, so probably more network centres. We’ve been living in a world where a lot of properties have been invested in when perhaps they shouldn’t have, so what we’ll be looking at in five years is less space, but much better space.”

Julia Finch said: “The traditional office as we know it, where we come in from 9-5 and sit down next to each, just won’t be there any more.”

Meanwhike, Nick Robson said: “There’s going to be an opening up of the talent pool, because when you’re looking for new employees, technology will mean you can look for people who aren’t in your locality, because the lockdown has proved that people can work remotely.”

To view the entire webinar click here.


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