Rebrand for UK’s largest confectionery distributor

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The UK’s largest confectionery distributor has rebranded as World of Sweets.

World of Sweets, formally known as the IB group, incorporates Hancocks and Bonds of London, and is the UK’s number one confectionery distributor, importer, and wholesaler, supplying thousands of customers across all retail channels.

Sweet partnerships include well-known brands Pez, iconic American brands such as Nerds, Warheads and Red Vines and Tootsie, and British favourites including Vimto.

Helen Bradshaw, sales and marketing director at Leicestershire-based World of Sweets said: “Our rebrand is an exciting chance to really showcase our expertise as a total business and be clear about our leadership capabilities in confectionery

“Our vast and diverse supply chain means that we can provide unparalleled distribution solutions for our broad range of customers, allowing our customers to shop however they want to shop with us

“The dedicated teams are determined to delight the UK’s tastebuds through partnerships with fantastic global confectionery brands, access to exclusive ranges through our supplier partners and driving innovation and newness with our company owned brands.

“We make sure that our insight, technology and infrastructure is market leading, making us the perfect partner for sweet success.”