NG moors up at Marina Park after ‘transformational’ management instruction

James McArthur

NG Chartered Surveyors has stepped in to manage a substantial residential block on the outskirts of Nottingham city centre after the previous managing agent was branded as “unprofessional” and “sub-standard”.

Marina Park Residents Association has appointed NG to manage 98 properties spread over 19 blocks after its director Dr Madawi Alwazzan became “increasingly concerned” that the previous management team “failed to deliver” on the terms they had agreed.

Dr Alwazzan takes up the story: “Marina Park Residents Association was experiencing extremely challenging times with a previous managing agent who provided substandard services and failed to deliver on agreed terms. The unprofessional approach and lack of transparency negatively impacted our perception of the property management market.”

Dr Alwazzan said the directors of the Residents Association became increasingly concerned. She added: “Our association comprises 98 properties spread over 19 blocks, all of which required attention. We needed a professional and trustworthy managing agent capable of committing to our site needs and leaseholder expectations.

“The team at NG immediately recognized the difficulties we faced and provided guidance and support from very early on. They were accommodating and helpful throughout our transition; particularly with the disorganised and deficient state of accounts our previous managing agent left us with. Their detailed scrutiny and reconciliation of our accounts revealed anomalies and shortfalls which they addressed without hesitation. I’m pleased to say we now enjoy transparency and ease of access to our finances.

James McArthur, director at NG, said: “Professionalism is a watchword of ours at NG and we are pleased to take on this major residential instruction. We see plenty of unscrupulous managing agents in our day-to-day work and it’s extremely satisfying that the residents at Marina Park are now able to rely on our vastly experienced team to keep their properties managed properly and to the highest standards.

“We look forward to working with Dr Alwazzan and the Residents Association and thank them for turning to NG in their hour of need.”.

Dr Alwazzan continued: “The appointment of NG Chartered Surveyors certainly transformed every aspect of our site and leaseholder account management. James, our lead manager, possesses the understanding and technical know-how of how blocks function, and how to deliver on cost-savings to clients. His helpful and courteous approach particularly when providing swift attention to leaseholder queries is very much appreciated. He has certainly inspired our confidence with his knowledge of the property market and his experience in health and safety applications.

“As a director who has experienced working with many other block management companies, I can say NG Chartered Surveyors’ team members take pride in their business and value their reputation; unlike many other block managing agents. Since their appointment, they have already demonstrated their commitment to deliver on promises and services with excellence.

“In addition, and because they are RICS registered, we can trust NG Chartered surveyors are operating to the highest standard in the industry. All this adds to our delight to be working with them, and we very much look forward to a long engagement.”

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