Frasers Group serves eviction notice on Coventry City

The CBS Arena

Coventry City have been served an eviction notice by Frasers Group, the new owners of the Coventry Building Society Arena (CBS Arena).

The move comes less than a month after Mike Ashley’s Frasers Group, based in Shirebrook, Derbyshire, bought the stadium out of administration.

Frasers are claiming that Sky Blues’ current licence to use the stadium, which runs out in 2031, no longer stands as it was with the previous owners.

A statement from Coventry City said: “We were surprised to learn of this intention by Frasers Group, given that discussions with Coventry City prior to the completion of their purchase of the Arena led us to understand the existing terms would continue unchanged with Frasers Group as the new owners of the Arena.

“Coventry City Football Club has an existing long-term licence to play at the Arena, which was agreed in March 2021 to run until 2031.

“Frasers Group have now presented to Coventry City a new agreement with new commercial terms, which have been presented to us without any dialogue or negotiations, and are less favourable to the Football Club. In addition, this licence would only run until May 2023.

“Frasers Group have said they would negotiate for beyond May 2023, but this leaves us without the security and certainty that our current deal provides to us and our fans.

“To confirm, Coventry City are happy to continue under terms of the current licence which we already have in place to play at the Arena.”

A statement from Frasers Group said: “Frasers has, throughout all its involvement with the stadium, been supportive of securing the long-term future of CCFC playing its games at the stadium. This position remains unchanged.

“Prior to acquiring the stadium, Frasers issued a new licence mirroring the terms CCFC had agreed with the previous owners. However, CCFC chose not to sign it at that time.

“A revised proposal, together with a new licence, has been issued to CCFC and will secure the immediate future of CCFC at the stadium. Signing the licence would allow for more detailed discussions to take place about CCFC’s long-term arrangements at the stadium, including to accommodate a number of requests which were raised by CCFC.

“Frasers looks forward to working with the club to host the upcoming games.”

Frasers’ acquisition of the CBS Arena was said to have secured some 1,000 jobs when it was revealed on November 17.

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