Challenger firm expands with new legal aid venture

David Rhodes

Leicestershire law firm Parity Legal has added a new string to its bow in the shape of specialist criminal legal aid and business defence brand, Garrisons Legal.

Oadby and Wigston-based Parity was founded in 2019 and has since grown its offering to encompass almost every area of law.

Its new business will be led by David Rhodes, who began his career with the Probation Service over a quarter of a century ago.

Roney Thankey, director of Parity Legal, said: “I have personally known David for over ten years and had no hesitation in offering David a director level role to spearhead this new brand. David’s reputation as one of Leicester’s top lawyers is second to none and this is coupled with his professionalism, approach to his work and his dedication of doing what is right for the client.”

The directors of Garrisons Legal added: “We wanted to create a new brand which catered for an area of law where access to justice is a fundamental part of our judicial system. Every person has a right to legal representation and have equality of arms. We felt that in order to achieve this, we would need to be able to provide publicly funded work as well as privately funded work.

“After successfully tendering for a legal aid contract with the Legal Aid Agency, we launched Garrisons Legal. The intention was to create a law firm where good quality lawyers defend their clients with honesty, integrity and professionalism.”

Garrisons Legal staff will benefit from all of the legal and technological innovations developed by Parity and have access to remote and hybrid working facilities.

The firm says it is looking to grow and create jobs following its launch.

Thankey added: “I was delighted that David decided to accept this opportunity and we all look forward to working with David in collectively growing this brand.”

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