‘Immediate success’ as new law firm hits £130m deal mark

Harriet Woolley, Adam Gilbertand Deni Slaveva

A well-known legal professional has set up his own firm – and says he has enjoyed “immediate success”.

Adam Gilbert, who previously worked at Chattertons and Else Solicitors, established AG Corporate Law in April.

He says the firm has already been involved in a series of “significant” transactions, with notable deals including the sales of Avis Consulting, Direct Line Communications, Zenith Doors, Clearcall, Eurotek Foundry Products, Marcol Plastics, Precision Card Services, Prigmore Haulage and Proactive Mobility.

AG Corporate Law currently employs four advisers and support staff and is based out of the Ransom Wood Business Park in Rainworth. Mansfield. Gilbert was joined by his former corporate team of Deni Slaveva and Harriet Woolley and who together have closed over 50 transactions in the last year, with a total deal value of more than £130m.

Looking ahead, AG Corporate Law has already reached its original annual fee income target and confidence is high owing to a healthy pipeline of deals at various stages of completion which will mean this target is exceeded by 135%.

Gilbert said: “Despite the economic and geopolitical challenges that have been impacting the UK, we have seen a fantastic level of activity within the deal landscape we are operating within. Our involvement in these transactions has demonstrated our ability to provide our clients with solutions that meet their specific needs in relatively short timeframe.”