Doughnut brand to open second store in Nottingham

Doughnut brand Project D is set to expand into Nottingham city centre this week with the opening of a new permanent shop in the Victoria Shopping Centre.

Nottingham will be the firm’s second outlet, following the launch of its first store in York city centre in September. The first 500 customers at Friday’s launch will receive a free doughnut.

Max Poynton, marketing director for Project D, said: “We are so excited to launching in Nottingham on Friday. We’ve been working hard on finding the perfect site for our new outlet in the city centre.

“We can’t wait to see our Nottingham customers come out in force. Nottingham has always been an amazing location for us in terms of our pop-up events.

“We have so many loyal customers from the area who order our products online, and so we already know that Nottingham is a city full of doughnut lovers.

“We can’t wait to see lots of smiles when we launch our bumper giveaway on Friday. We’d urge people to come early to avoid disappointment.”

Creative director Matt Bond said: “We’ve strived hard to ensure we are genuinely manufacturing the world’s best doughnuts.

“We are constantly trying out new flavours, toppings and fillings to keep giving our fantastic customers new sensations. The feedback we get, in person and through social media, is amazing and always helpful – and we’ve even welcomed new doughnut ideas from the public.”

The firm’s most popular doughnuts, which will be available in the Victoria Centre, include all-time best-seller the ‘Bad Boy’, which has a fudge-dipped base covered with a Speculoos crumb, then drizzled with white chocolate, filled with Speculoos spread and topped with a Lotus biscuit.

Other eye-catching favourites include the iconic ‘Homer’ – inspired by cartoon character Homer Simpson – which is a doughnut dipped in pink-coloured white chocolate and covered with sprinkles.