Rail safety specialist revists partnership

Zonegreen, a rail safety specialist, has revisited a longstanding partnership with a depot to enhance safety measures for its workforce.

Based in Sheffield, the company has integrated its depot personnel protection system into the recently expanded North Shed at Derby’s Etches Park, where it was first installed in 2010.

Collaborating with contractor Kier Transportation, Zonegreen has outfitted a 170-meter single-ended road with DPPS as part of upgrades to the East Midlands Railway depot, intended to accommodate a new fleet of Hitachi Aurora trains.

This supplements the existing safeguarding of six roads and a wheel lathe by the system, established since Etches Park’s inauguration 13 years ago.

DPPS ensures the physical safety of onsite workers by employing powered derailers to prevent unauthorized vehicle movement and establishing secure zones for work. Personnel log onto road end panels using personalized RFID tags to confirm their location and activate protection. Additionally, beacons and klaxons provide audible and visual alerts for incoming and outgoing trains.

Zonegreen’s enhancements at Etches Park include installing a crane interlock to prevent vehicle movement unless the crane is safely parked.

The implementation of the firm’s Depot Manager SCADA suite offers a graphical overview of the entire depot protection system and maintains a permanent activity log.

Christian Fletcher, Zonegreen’s head of engineering, said: “It has been a pleasure to return to Etches Park to extend the scope of DPPS and integrate our hugely valuable Depot Manager software. In the 13 years since the dynamic system was first installed, it has proved reliable and has adapted to the depot’s changing needs. The fact EMR has chosen to continue to work with us on this project demonstrates their faith in our service and technology.”