Lincolnshire business secure six-figure grant for crypto tax platform

Daniel Howitt, CEO and co-founder of Recap

A Lincolnshire crypto tax calculation services provider is poised for growth following a six-figure grant from Innovate UK. 

This marks a step in Recap’s journey to revolutionise crypto asset management, with the £300,000 grant fuelling the development of a privacy-focused collaborative crypto tax and client due diligence platform tailored for accountants and professional services.

Recap has teamed up with experts and UK crypto-specialist accountancy firms Andersen and Wright Vigar, all like Hoptrail based in Lincoln, to make the deal happen.

Together, they’ll improve the platform to handle crypto transactions and ensure trustworthy customer checks.

Daniel Howitt, CEO and co-founder of Recap said: “This grant is a testament to our dedication to innovation and our commitment to addressing the evolving needs of the Crypto industry. This investment is not just financial: it represents the confidence and support we’ve garnered from Innovate UK – a testament to our dedication to innovation and our strategic vision for Recap and the future of crypto and digital asset management.

“Moreover, our ambitious drive to become the top provider of cryptocurrency accounting software aligns with our hopes of contributing to the economic growth of Lincoln. By fostering innovation and job creation, we aim to make a lasting impact on the city’s financial standing.”