Software firm teams up with Loughborough University to improve sports performance

Kitman Labs, a global enterprise SaaS platform specialising in performance intelligence for sports, has announced a new partnership with Loughborough University.

As part of the partnership, Loughborough University will utilise Kitman Labs’ performance medicine and performance optimisation solutions for iP (intelligence platform).

The platform integrates medical and performance data across all sports into a single, collaborative platform, providing coaches, practitioners, and stakeholders with a view of each student-athlete in real-time.

Implementing the platform across the athletic department will centralise data and streamline processes, enabling data-led decision-making and improving overall efficiency.

This consolidation of critical data sets will allow practitioners to spend more time with athletes, focusing on training and performance rather than data analysis.

Loughborough University has produced 20% of Team Great Britain’s medal wins in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and is home to the NFL Academy.

Stephen Smith, CEO and founder of Kitman Labs said: “While there are many similarities between the needs of the collegiate sector and pro leagues, there are some defining fundamental differences.  From the sheer volume and diversity of sports to the number of stakeholders across Athletic Departments to the foundational mission of providing holistic student-athlete care, the need for a shared and fully integrated data and analytics infrastructure is paramount to achieving success – operationally and from a performance perspective.

“By deploying the Intelligence Platform across all teams and all sports, Loughborough is equipping its teams with the technology and analytics tools necessary to sustain its legacy of education and performance that has made it the centre of excellence that is today.”