Nottingham businessman invests in Lister Gate retail outlet

The unit on Lister Gate

A Nottingham businessman is playing his part in the regeneration of the city’s southern gateway by opening a major retail outlet for his clothing company in a deal brokered by Base Lettings.

Julian Marzano, the former owner of the Sports Warehouse in Sneinton Market, is due to open the Rossi Clothing Company shop on Lister Gate.

The Rossi Clothing Company shop will specialise in branded sports gear and fashion at discounted prices. Marzano says he is planning to employ between four and eight people at the site, with a view creating more jobs as the business grows.

He said: “When the planned redevelopment of the Broadmarsh Shopping Centre ground to a halt at the start of lockdown, it felt like a real kick in the teeth for the people around here.

“The redevelopment was set to include a bowling alley and a cinema, as well as bars and restaurants. But we’ve all seen these projects fail in the past, so it was no great shock when the work ground to a halt.

“My new shop on Lister Gate certainly makes good business sense. After all, Base Lettings kept the rent low to help encourage investment – and despite the area’s well documented troubles, its position is full of potential in terms of footfall.”

Sarah Conneally, director at Base Lettings said: “The unit sits on a pedestrianised thoroughfare, directly between the train station and the Old Market Square, putting it in prime position for shoppers and casual visitors.

“Of course, it’s no secret that this part of the city has seen difficult times with boarded up shops and vacant premises, but by tempting enterprising business owners back into these units with low rents, we believe the area can be transformed through commercial success.”

Marzano added: “I want ours to be the shop that gives other business owners the confidence to invest their time and money in this area.

“Then we can really start turning the place around and give people some genuine optimism about our recovery from the social and economic impacts of Covid 19.”