Plans revealed for new 3,500-home community

The scheme could be built on the outskirts of Grimsby

Plans to transform the western side of Grimsby with the creation of a new community have been revealed by local private housing developers

The vision for Grimsby West has been released by the developers, who are also the landowners. They show a new neghbourhood to be created in phases over the next two to three decades.

James Hobson, spokesperson for the Grimsby West housing scheme, said: “At the moment, we are working on exciting plans for Grimsby West – a scheme which we believe will create a vibrant new community for North East Lincolnshire where people can live sustainable, healthy and happy lives for many generations to come.

“We want to create a place where people want to live, with new walkable, mixed-use neighbourhoods that not only provide much-needed homes but that also recognise and protect the ecological characteristics of the area.

“In accordance with the policies in the adopted Local Plan, Grimsby West will provide around 3,500 brand new homes for North East Lincolnshire that will be locally characteristic and represent the heritage of the local area. Our intention for the development is to include a mix of tenures, ensuring that there are places for a variety of residents to live and the needs of the local community are being met.”

As well as new homes and community amenities, the proposals focus on providing a network of multi-functional green spaces. These will comprise of water elements such as wetlands, ponds and drainage facilities, and include an enhancement of the natural Freshney Valley with the addition of a new country park.

The project team says it is also investigating ways to utilise hydrogen and solar technologies into the scheme, as well as considering how to reduce private car travel throughout with the adequate provision of transport options such as cycling.

Hobson added: “Grimsby West offers us the opportunity to deliver something innovative and exciting for North East Lincolnshire. We are focused on high-quality design and delivering a sustainable development that local people can be proud of. The landowners are local people and they are committed to ensuring their legacy through good stewardship of their land for generations to come.

“We are working closely with North East Lincolnshire Council to ensure that our plans complement the infrastructure in the area. It is disappointing that NELC was not successful with the Levelling Up funding bid for the Strategic Link Road, but we remain confident that other funding opportunities will be forthcoming that will support the phased delivery of our proposal.

This is the first phase of consultation on the housing development and members of the public are invited to share their views on the proposals via a website. Once the masterplan is developed, it will be shared with the council and made available for further consultation with the local community who will be able to share their thoughts to influence and shape the character and appearance of the scheme.