Center Parcs settles discrimination claim after amputee denied access to slide

Center Parcs UK has settled a discrimination claim after a customer who visited Sherwood Forest Village was denied access to a slide due to his prosthetic leg.

The claim was submitted by Chattertons Solicitors on behalf of Andrew Shaw.

During a holiday with his family in November 2021, Shaw approached the entrance to an activity slide at the resort before being stopped by a member of staff who asked him to remove his prosthetic.

Shaw said it would be unsafe for him to do so and was refused access. He was later told this was Center Parcs policy.

Carrie Clewes, head of  Chattertons’ Equality team, said: “Acting on behalf of Mr Shaw we wrote to Center Parcs to point out that in providing an activity centre and accommodation service, Center Parcs are providing a service within the meaning of Section 29 of the Equality Act 2010 and are therefore, obliged to comply with the provisions of Section 29. This includes the obligation to make reasonable adjustments. By refusing to allow Mr Shaw to partake in the activities, it was alleged that they had discriminated against him and treated him unfavourably because of something arising directly in relation to his disability – his prosthetic.”

In agreeing the settlement, Center Parcs confirmed that it was not their intention to discriminate against Shaw and apologised for any inconvenience, embarrassment and upset caused.

The company confirmed it had amended its policy and safety information to remove any restrictions in relation to guests wearing a prosthetic and said it would ensure its staff are appropriately trained.

Shaw also received a written apology and compensation.

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