Logistics firm opens ‘nature-focused’ fulfilment centre

How the centre will look

Fulfilment services provider, fulfilmentcrowd has announced plans to open a “nature-focused” facility in Louth, Lincolnshire.

The wildlife-friendly scheme will see around 20% of the two-acre large land mass dedicated to nature. Native trees and hedges will be planted, and two large ponds incorporated – an attenuation pond to provide natural surface water drainage and pond with a jetty, where staff can enjoy a break outdoors.

The centre aims to reduce reliance on electricity by installing double the typical amount of transparent rooflights so natural daylight can flood the premises. Air source heating and premium insulation has been fitted to optimise energy efficiency.

Michelle Bruce, fulfilmentcrowd’s head of network, said: “The new fulfilment centre, which brings the total number of sites within our global partner network to 16, marks an important step forward for fulfilmentcrowd. Not just in terms of geographical growth and enhanced service offering for our customers, but also in our commitment towards sustainability. As industries strive towards a greener future by incorporating better business practices, this still rarely involves tangibly giving back to nature.

“We’re really proud that we can make a positive impact in this way for our business, our customers and the environment. We hope that this project led by Haith’s will inspire and encourage others to consider more nature-focused commercial spaces too.”

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