Expansion plans for Mountsorrel Quarry sparks controversy amongst villagers

The proposed plans for Mountsorrel Quarry

Residents in Leicestershire are angered over plans to expand the Mountsorrel Quarry closer to the villages of Quorn and Mountsorrel and extend its operations for 18 more years.

The quarry, run by Tarmac, is considered nationally significant for supplying crucial building materials to UK construction projects.

However, the Stop Mountsorrel Quarry Expansion group has criticized the quarry for damaging local woods and creating a massive scar on the landscape.

They are also concerned about the potential health impact of dust on the residents of Mountsorrel and Quorn.

Tarmac claims their proposals consider the development’s effects, including biodiversity and ecology, and propose mitigation measures as needed.

The current permission for granite extraction at Mountsorrel expires in 2040, but Tarmac’s plan aims to extend it to 2058.

A spokesperson from Tarmac said: “To continue providing a consistent, high-quality supply of products to some of the most critical infrastructure in the UK, we need to secure the future of the quarry, which can only be done by expanding it in the coming years. We have submitted a planning application for a northern and south-eastern extension to Mountsorrel Quarry. The application has now been validated by the Leicestershire County Council (LCC).

“The application is accompanied by an Environmental Impact Assessment which carefully considers all potential effects of the development, including biodiversity and ecology, and proposes mitigation measures where required. Tarmac is committed to being a good neighbour and to working alongside local communities. We have hosted meetings for local residents to discuss our proposals and hear views from the local community.”

A spokesperson from the petition group against the quarry expansion said: “Tarmac takes out millions of tonnes of rock from Mountsorrel and Quorn every year.  They’ve been doing this for decades and have created a massive chasm in our community. The crater is so big that it could fit all of the UK population in it 20 times over.  It’s already 130m below sea level and has swallowed up vast areas of local wildlife, trees and habitats.

“We think Tarmac’s operations are having a big impact on our health.  Vast amounts of dust are thrown up that people can breathe in.  This is on top of COVID-19, which has made respiratory health worse.  People tell us their respiratory health has deteriorated. Tarmac would like you to think that they’re part of our community and that everything is OK.  Don’t believe them. We say enough is enough!”

Any objections against the quarry expansion can be submitted until November, 19th 2023.

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