Devolution deal proposals signed in Lincolnshire

More devolution (pic from House of Commons library)

Councillors in North East Lincolnshire, North Lincolnshire and Lincolnshire County Council will vote on the Greater Lincolnshire Devolution deal in the next week.

The council leaders including Cllr Stan Shreeve, Cllr Martin Hill OBE and Cllr Rob Waltham MBE were joined by Parliamentary Secretary of State for Levelling up, Jacob Young to sign the proposed devolution deal at Scunthorpes 20-21 visual arts centre.

Following the speeches and with fellow councillors and dignitaries looking, the agreed Greater Lincolnshire proposed deal was then signed. This formality comes ahead of the next stage of the process, which is the meetings of the Full Councils.

Parliamentary Secretary of State for Levelling Up Jacob Young said: “It’s fantastic to be here in Lincolnshire today announcing our devolution deal for the Greater Lincolnshire area. It comes alongside extra funding, more powers and a new directly elected mayor for the Lincolnshire area. I know it’s going to have a dramatic impact across the whole of Lincolnshire County.”

North East Lincolnshire Council Leader, Cllr Philip Jackson, said: “This is a deal which will be fantastic for Greater Lincolnshire, from the Humber down to the Wash. It gives us a lot of extra spending power over the next 30 years, £ 24m a year for the next 30 years, and some additional money straight away that we can spend on our priority areas. But importantly it will give us extra powers as well to make sure that we can direct that spending in areas where we know local people need it, around infrastructure, around transport, around housing, flood defence and various other areas where we know we’ve got need in the county. We know it’s going to be great for us in determining the future direction of Greater Lincolnshire.”

Now, Councillors in North East Lincolnshire will discuss the proposed Greater Lincolnshire devolution deal on November, 30th, with full council meetings in Lincolnshire County Council and North Lincolnshire Council following.

The papers outline that devolution offers the transfer of powers and budgets from the government to address local needs and boost the economy.

The proposed deal includes a Mayoral Investment Fund of £24m per annum for 30 years to invest in infrastructure and skills development totalling £720m, a one-off £28.4m capital investment in Greater Lincolnshire’s priorities, £2m capacity funding over 3 years, £1m skills for job funding, local control over the Adult Education Budget from 2026 and a consolidated, multi-year transport fund, providing increased financial certainty.

Public consultation will follow council votes, aiming for a Mayoral combined county authority by 2025.

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