2016 in review: Nigel Rowlson, The Dairy Creative Agency

Nigel Rowson

How has 2016 been for the MD of one of  Nottingham’s most prominent creative agencies? We found out…

What has been your highlight of the year?
Hitting our targets – early! We sat down in Autumn 2015 as a management team to draw out what we wanted to achieve in 2016. We were clear that we wanted to grow and we elected for a 20% increase in turnover with an uplift in profits. We put a plan in place to allow us to do this – changing our working and invoicing model to accommodate it and employing one new member of the team. I am delighted to say that our planning – mixed with a lot of hard work from all of us has paid off and we achieved our objectives by the end of November… it doesn’t mean we can relax in December though.

And your lowlight?
The fear and uncertainty created over the Brexit decision. There was a bit of a ‘phoney war’ to start with as nothing seemed to happen after the shock result – but now a few months on there is starting to be mentions of a slow down in the economy – which would be very disappointing.

How do you think 2016 will be remembered?
A year of change. Brexit and Trump were the two oddities of the year which suggests that the ordinary man/woman have been unhappy with their lot and want change. That is all well and good and reflects a democracy – but please don’t let it put us into recession again – 2010 was bad enough.

Hero of the year (business or otherwise)?
I am going to go for a non business person – although a lot of business people will appreciate his influence. Eddie Jones is the England rugby union manager and as I write we have just come through an undefeated year for the England team. Quite a record and one that I hope continues. I mix with a lot of business people who tend to follow sport – most have given up on the football team and are delighted with our success with the egg-shaped ball!

And villain?
It has got to be Donald Trump. I don’t follow US politics closely but all I hear about him is controversial. He undoubtedly has done well in business (although it helps when you inherit the family firm aged 25) and that is no bad thing for the economy – but he does seem to have some odd ideas… only time will tell.

What’s your New Year’s Resolution?
More of the same please, Santa! All the businesses I talk to have had a good 2016 and are confident about the future – so we need a stable economy and consumer growth. If we can have a few more years like the last – then I will be very happy.

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