Homeserve to create 40 jobs in Nottingham

HomeServe is set to create 40 jobs in Nottingham, adding to the 200 people who already work for home assitance provider at Aspecy House in the city.

HomeServe will host the first in a series of Open Days next week aiming to hire around 20 new dispatchers in advance of the traditional autumn and winter peak season for the firm.

“We’re absolutely committed to growing our Nottingham presence at Aspect House,” said Richard Shepherd, HomeServe’s chief operating officer.

He added: “Key to our ongoing success is ensuring we have one of the best frontline workforces in the country to keep our customers’ lives moving, so these dispatcher roles will play an essential part in helping us achieve that as we gear up for our peak season.”

“This is essentially an open invitation for people who might be interested in working for us to come down, find out more and speak to the team,” added Elaine Barrass, head of recruitment at HomeServe.

“We have a number of new roles being made available in Nottingham – up to 40 over the next few months – so we’d encourage people to come along and find out more.

“At HomeServe, our priority is making work a great place for everyone, and our commitment to diversity and inclusion isn’t just a series of words. We are striving to make sure our People can flourish no matter what their background, so we’d invite anyone and everyone who might be interested to come along and find out more.”

The open day will be held at Aspect House, Aspect Business Park, 26 Bennerley Road, Nottingham between 9am and 8pm on Wednesday, 12 June.

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