Digital agency launches miscarriage policy for staff

Nottingham digital agency Hallam has launched its first-ever miscarriage policy – and is calling for other firms across the UK to follow suit.

In response to the experience of one of its staff, Hallam has implemented the policy which, in the event of a miscarriage, which see: five days compassionate leave for both men and women involved; paid leave for any associated or follow-up medical appointments and fertility treatment; two days paid leave when menstruation returns after the event; access to Hallam’s Mental Health First Aiders and ‘Care Coins’ if a staff members feels they would benefit from professional counsel; and a phased return to work.

Julio Taylor, CEO at Hallam, said: “Miscarriages are something we’re all acutely aware of, but the statistics behind it are surprising and sobering: one in four women experiences a miscarriage.

“One in five of those women are left facing anxiety levels similar to those seen in psychiatric outpatient services.

“Men and women deserve statutory rights for this. We deserve the space and support to be allowed to grieve and process it. We deserve better.

“So, we’re taking action.”

Natasha Knowles, project delivery team lead at Hallam, has been at the forefront of the policy change at Hallam, drafting it off the back of her own traumatic experience. She’s now advocating and championing a nationwide change for women’s and couples’ statutory rights in the UK.
Taylor added: “Prior to Natasha’s painful experience, it’s not something we’d thought about as an agency. It opened my eyes completely. I’m a man. I, too, need to learn and the only way I can is to make a culture where you listen and people lead. We have that at Hallam and our colleagues all contribute to the policies we have in place. Natasha did that and is now advocating for a change across the UK.”

Hallam has launched a petition, calling for a change in attitude by companies towards women and men who who have experienced miscarriage. To find out more, click here.