Plans submitted for the completion of Dove Valley Park

CGI image of the development
Dove Valley Park, a subsidiary of Clowes Developments, along with IMA Architects, has submitted plans to South Derbyshire District Council for the completion of Dove Valley Park.

The proposed development aims to repurpose an area adjacent to Dove Valley Park into an employment centre, creating local job opportunities and economic benefits for Derbyshire.

Finalising Dove Valley Park, this project will form the eastern part of the existing 200-acre employment site on the A50 in South Derbyshire, which already hosts businesses like JCB, Top Hat, Futaba Ltd, and GXO.

The site is ready for immediate development as it can use the existing infrastructure of Dove Valley Park.

Pending approval, the project will develop approximately 35.29 acres to accommodate around 54,500m2 of employment space for B2, B8, with ancillary E(g) use. It includes plans for four units of various sizes.

Additionally, the proposal includes the establishment of an innovation centre, providing space for gatherings, meetings, and start-up ventures.

The innovation centre has been developed in consultation with The University of Derby.

Marc Freeman director at Clowes Developments said: “There is significant demand across the East Midlands for industrial space and our plans for the completion of Dove Valley Park will deliver high-quality units for businesses in South Derbyshire. Since its inception in the 1990s Dove Valley Park has thrived and brought economic benefits to the area, so we are excited about the prospect of completing the site and creating hundreds of new jobs for local people.”

Anthony Day, managing director of IMA Architects said: “The completion of Dove Valley Park will be a significant development for South Derbyshire. The plans we have created with Clowes Developments will ensure it is a quality site that will appeal to occupiers that will view Derbyshire as the long-term home for their business, providing sustainable long-term employment. We are also proud to have exceeded  biodiversity net gain at the site and will take this practice into future developments where possible.”

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